FLUTECT A fiber with an excellent antiviral effect on influenza virus.

ALOEJU Antibacterial treatment with natural aloe power adopted.

La-Morfet Skin-friendly material with allergen nearly zero.

NOMOS High-performance antimicrobial treatment with superb effects exhibited even for VRE or MRSA.

super anier Deodorization that shuts out offensive odors adhering to clothes.

THERMSTCK Heating material with special design emphasis placed on "wear comfort of cotton and warmth of wool."

dualaction The harmony between nature and technology has brought about the highest quality fabric.

Celgreen Natural cellulose-based material that allows various expressions.

WhiteNile Egyptian cotton with beautiful luster and silkiness is used.

Yarns with great softness of touch with few naps by special spinning. High-quality material with moderate body and volume added to beautiful luster.

FISCO Double mercerized fabric.

MERINEALL Both body and volume of polyester and comfort, moisture-absorption, and softness of hand of cotton are achieved.

AZEK Material with "Azekura-zukuri structure" that can support new comfort.

SR-treated Treatment that easily releases even persistent soils by washing. SR-treated fabrics ensure outstanding wash durability. Because of water-absorbency, the fabric absorbs sweat and presents comfortable and pleasant feel to wear.

Ammonia By reforming cellulose fiber through the use of liquid ammonia processing, a soft, silky feel has been achieved.
This excellent feel will be kept wash after wash.

DA Form-stabilization that prevents shrinkage and wrinkles.

KNIT TERILIZE Quick-sweat-absorbing quick-drying treatment.

C-O-M-F KNIT Quick-sweat-absorbing quick-drying material with double structure of polyester filament and cotton.

CRIMS SOFT As compared to conventional raising treatment, uniform pile length provides smooth and beautiful fineness of hand. Soft and light, and shiny luster texture remains. Elegant surface expression is achieved.

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